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LuxGoods - luxury ecommerce platform

LuxGoods was a luxury goods ecommerce platform with live competitions, auctions and orders powered by Payload and Nextjs with a beautiful design by our friends at Oversight.

We worked closely with Oversight to deliver a fully custom ecommerce experience with third party API integrations to services such as RandomAPI and Stripe on top of PayloadCMS inside Nextjs. Unfortunately the platform has been decommissioned as of April 2023.

A beautiful, luxurious design

Screenshot of homepage

The full design has been realised in React with ChakraUI components and static site generation via ISR in Nextjs to achieve blazing fast load speeds for our users.

Provably fair competitions

The platform also features raffle competitions that users can buy tickets to in order to win the goods. The API is powered by RandomAPI for its provably fair algorithm ensuring that the users are always fairly selected and we have third party records of it.

In order to be able to enter a raffle, each user must correctly submit a few answers to a quiz created by the editors.

Live competitions screenshot
Screenshot of product raffle

The staff can fully manage the discount thresholds and create fully custom quizzes. Payload's extensible UI has enabled us to create custom experiences for the editors.

Screenshot of offers mechanic

Offer negotiation

Similar to a bidding or auction process available on platforms like Ebay, users can submit offers for certain high value products and enter a negotiation process directly on the platform, once a price has been agreed, users can checkout automatically.

Custom checkout screenshot

Custom checkout experience

By leveraging Stripe's Elements and building a custom integration with Payload and Nextjs we were able to offer the users a fully custom checkout experience, branded specifically to LuxGoods.

User profiles

Customers who've made accounts had a portal to manage their orders, competition raffles, billing information and negotiations and bids on various products.

Screenshot of user profiles

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