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Ask your devs for Payload!

We were bullish on Payload 6 months ago, we're now double downing on it. Internally we've been using Payload for over 6 months and publicly we've released a few plugins, tutorials and we have been active in the community to help garner traction for the CMS.

Going forward, we're making Payload the recommended backend for most projects until there's a need for something more bespoke and we hope to convince you too!

Allow your devs to empower your editors

Get in before it's cool!

Payload is pretty cool already and it's getting more popular by the minute but it still has some hard work ahead of itself to stand as tall as the competitors in Strapi and Sanity.

Once the database adapter work is released to support more databases than just MongoDB and to allow for more flexibility within infrastructure and tech stacks; well, the gloves are off.

Think of your content

Here's what your editing team will have to gain by using Payload:

  • An easy to use and multilingual interface to manage any kind of content from products and articles to full landing pages
  • Ability to manage end users
  • Support for multi tenancy
  • Write content in any language with multi locale features
  • Auto save, draft states and versioning system by default
  • Enhanced UI via plugins such as the official SEO plugin and our very own dashboard analytics plugin
  • A cloud hosted option to ensure your content is available at any time

Allow your devs to empower your editors. For reference this is how the current admin UI looks like:

Screenshot of Payload admin interface

An offer your devs can't refuse

If you're still reading and you need to drive it by the tech team, here's your ammunition:

  • Open source in the true sense with an MIT licence
  • Typescript by default
  • REST, GraphQL and a Local API, fully extendable
  • No black box of magic, built on top of well known and supported Node modules
  • Code-based configuration, not being limited by a UI to create content configurations
  • Fully customisable Admin UI
  • Can be hosted on serverless stacks
  • A strong community for plugins, help and core improvements

Updates year to date

Since the start of the year, the Payload team has released a Cloud offering, support for serverless deployment, a ton of features and bugfixes and has moved to a work-in-public level of commitment to transparency. Before the year is over we will be looking at Payload 2.0.

If you've ever needed more confidence in the longevity of the project, this is it.

Looking for some Payload experts?

We've got you covered, with lots of experience in working and deploying Payload apps including integrations with third parties such as Stripe and ecommerce integration.

You can also find the Payload team active with the community in the official Discord server.